Friday Faves

Glorious marigold party dress. The girl in this picture is having so much more fun than we are right now. I think it's mostly because of her Haute Hippie dress. The rest of it is probably that she's 5'9", 110 pounds, and blonde as they come. Meh.

In love with this image from Proud Mary's Mali collection, big news on that to come soon! Also, stop over on Proud Mary creator Harper Poe's blog Lloso for a really insightful post she wrote on the recent coup in Mali, and her personal experience having worked with some of the amazing artisans in this war-torn country.  

A haint blue porch ceiling, in case you didn't know, this is to trick haints (ghosts) because this color looks like water. And everybody knows haints can't cross water. I'll provide more background on all of this important, and possibly life-saving information at a later date. 

DOG! This little buddy is similar to the one we posted last weekend from NOFO in Raleigh. He's by SC artist Robin Anne Cooper, who has a studio in the big city of Walhalla. Let me digress a bit to tell you that not only do I know Walhalla, but it is right down the road from the booming metropolis that is home to my alma mater: Clemson!!!! And Robin is from Clemson. No wonder I feel a kindred spirit. They have a gorgeous studio on their farm, and I haven't the space here, but expect an extended post on their work! And thanks to the Trinity School Spotlight on Art for sending this our way!!!

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