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Megan Park dress from Vermillion 
Most of you have probably picked up on the fact that I'm not really in to using pictures of myself on this blog. I find, amazingly I know, that the models tend to do it better. There was even a failed attempt to do one of those cool, here's a picture of my kick-ass outfit Instagram shots, but it resulted in everyone agreeing that that's "not my thing". But I'm making an allowance this time to share what was one of my favorite outfits possibly ever, as well as some details from a beautiful wedding last weekend. I will say that my Megan Park mini-caftan from Vermillion is going down as one of my personal fave fashion moments. I loved the color and comfort factor, and the exquisite beading around the neck line. To accessorize I carried this insannnnnnnnnnnneeeee glitter-bombed Anya Hindmarch clutch, also from Vermillion* and went with some simple Sheila Fajl hoops from Charlotte's. Since the reception was in an absolutely stunning backyard, I went with an older, simple nude heel to avoid wear and tear. 
*Shout out to a one of my favorite people, holler!
Anya Hindmarch from Vermillion

Sheila Fajl Hoops from Charlotte's
For the Friday night party I went with a bit more structure: I paired this beautiful Shoshanna dress (Monkee's Raleigh) with my Rag & Bone (Vermillion) tuxedo blazer and a pair of Rachel Zoe platform pumps (Monkee's Raleigh). Yes, I did fall down, no I refuse to blame myself, the shoes, or 3 cocktails. To all of the witnesses, thank you for not clapping when I got up. I have taken it on as a personal challenge to master walking in those shoes. Anyhoo, I tossed in some (admittedly not masterful) shots from the wedding which was absolutely beautiful and sweet. 

Rag & Bone Tuxedo Jacket from Vermillion
Shoshanna Natasha dress from Monkee's of Raleigh
Rachel Zoe Pump from Monkee's of Raleigh


  1. Beautiful dress! Looks like a fun wedding!

  2. Holla! love your post!! i'm searching your blog for ideas for an outfit for a wedding i am going to this weekend and came across your fab post!!



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