Sandal Staple

I think casual footwear can be tough; you don't want to invest too heavily because it needs to be good for running around, outdoor use, concerts, garden parties, the beach, you get what I'm saying. The point is, a lot of times it just seems easier to throw on a pair of Rainbows. They're comfy, they're neutral, maybe people won't notice you're wearing them. But that, my friends, should not be the answer. They flip flop most certainly has its place, and I could most definitely be lecturing myself ("but they're so commmmfortablllllllee") but you should have another option for those multi-purpose occasions. I love these Milos sandals by Fiel as the go-to. The single toe and bow are really nice, distinctive touches that make it a stand out; while the black and tan color options give you subtlety and versatility, all at a fairly reasonable price. 

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