Katie Ermilio

Some of you have already heard me gushing about Katie Ermilio's Spring collection. It would probably be accurate to say that I have been utterly obsessing over it. Katie is the granddaughter of the dude that designed probably one of the most iconic blazers in history, the green jacket of Master's fame. (Fitting that I should post about her this week, eh?) He was also Grace Kelly's personal clothier and her father owned a custom clothing store. Katie Ermilio's fashion roots run deep. Her classic tailoring with an eye for detail and color are what appeal to me so strongly. Her lines are clean, but the details and color palette are what really grab your attention. These are some of my favorite looks, but I would literally buy every single piece. (It was actually in my budget spreadsheet entitled "If I Win Friday's Lotto".) (Back to the drawing board.) Even the electric blue, presumably cashmere, body suit. I don't know what I'd do with that but I'd find a way. As most of you know I'm a huge supporter of shopping locally, and the only place I know to shop for Katie Ermilio is Morgan Kylee in ATL. Check it out if you are not familiar, they carry some tougher to find labels you will love! You must get in touch with Morgan (who is so nice and obviously has an exceptionally stylish eye), I'm sure none of these looks will last long. I could look at these pictures all day. I hope you obsess too!



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