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A few years ago I ran across a little blurb about this jewelry line I had never heard of, but I was immediately obsessed with the ring that went along with the write up-and when I obsess, it's usually permanent. I would like to think that I can track down almost anything fashion-related because of my obsessive nature. So, I found the ring, made by a small California-based company called Hoorsenbuhs.
The Antiquated Dame Tri-link Ring
Their pieces were only sold in a few high-end destinations, and then, as now, their website was almost devoid of any information about their work and origins. I have maintained my love for the ring I saw in the magazine, as well as most of their collection. There is an understated sophistication to their line; what I love is that it's sort of underground-chic. You know you're not going to see it on someone else. And it seems like that's how they want to keep it. I remember reading that Hoorsenbuhs will do some custom work, and they're being carried by Barney's, but it doesn't seem like they have a huge distribution. While I wish I could get more out of their website, I almost like how hard they are to find, and how they're almost flying just under the radar. I'm hoping maybe they'll read this and send me, ohhh I dunno, the Antiquated Dame ring so I can really help publicize. 
Dame Phantom Ring
Some Hoorsebuhs rings and cuff. Gorgeous.

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  1. You must tell me immediately if you find out where to get that Dame Phantom ring. I need it.



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