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We all know that this is a tough economy, but there is one industry, particularly here in the South that has been suffering for much longer than the past 4 years or so. That would be the textile manufacturers (and most craft goods, for that matter); things have shifted so that it is more affordable for companies to have their goods and products made overseas and by machines, not people. This has greatly impacted the South and its' economy. There is an artist out of Nashville who is striving to change this pattern; Emil Congdon of Emil Erwin is on a mission to bring quality and tradition back to manufacturing.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of his grandfather's generation, Emil creates small batch, made-to-order canvas and leather goods. Everything is designed by the craftsman himself, and handcrafted start to finish in his shop at his home in Nashville, and cost-cutting never supersedes quality. His products are mostly working-style bags; there's a handsome messenger bag, a sturdy, classic briefcase, and a smart shopper tote. His work is vintage-inspired, the products have classic lines and trims, and the materials are made to age and age beautifully. 

It's clear that Emil wants his bags to stand the test of time; he wants them to be the treasures generations to come find in their grandparents' attics. He provides his customers with the promise, the guarantee, of quality; he wants his products to be done right. 

I am so inspired by artists like Emil; it pains me to think of the jobs and the artistry that we have lost over the years through companies choosing to cut costs and overhead, and I have the deepest respect for the people who are now fighting back against that movement. To be sure, buying a piece from Emil Erwin is more than just an investment in your wardrobe. 

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