Hyla Dewitt

This one's mine. Don't touch it.

So when my dear friend Stephanie let me know about an upcoming trunk show at her store this week, I took to Google to research the jewelry designer, as it was a name I hadn't heard before. I completely trust Stephanie's advice on all things jewelry, but I am even more excited to see the collection after doing a little investigating on my own! The designer, Hyla Dewitt, was raised in Charleston and got her start creating pieces for her fellow classmates at Ashley Hall.

She began developing her line and selling out of boutiques in Charleston and subsequently at stores in Tuscaloosa while she was a student at the University of Alabama. She did a brief stint as a graphic designer, but returned to her passion as a bejeweller shortly thereafter. I really love what I have seen of her work.

Lotssss of chunky pieces, necklaces particularly, in beautiful spring colors which are my favorites, and great long necklaces for layering.

She's also done some wrap bracelets with different textures-perfect for me as I have a bad habit of wearing a half-dozen rubber bands or hair ties around my wrist at any given time (I think it's OCD), which I could use as camo.

I particularly love how she seems to weave different textures and materials through her pieces; it's a very cool, almost layered look.

I'm excited to see more in person; the trunk show will be at Charlotte's of North Hills in Raleigh on Friday (aka March 18th). The show will be going on all day so stop in. I'll be reporting back with my faves. Cause I know you'll be anxiously awaiting!

To see more of Hyla's looks visit her website:


  1. This is the most awesome site I've ever found on goggle. Ms Fain is definitely very talented and has a "gift of gab" plus her visual presentations are to die for. Could you please plan a party for me and then find me the perfect outfits and jewelry? Love your taste!!! Annalee

  2. Annalee, you are too kind! So glad you love the things I do!!!



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