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I've spent years going through all of the interiors and architectural design magazines and tearing out my favorite design elements or homes or rooms. I have kept so many of those ideas and images in an old Kate Spade box under my bed, occasionally going back through them for inspiration or to edit the collection (we all make mistakes).

The seating in their living room can transform into a dining room.
This is one of my all-time favorite rooms/homes. It is a tiny, tiny, tiny (I mean 400 sq ft TINY) apartment in the East Village in NYC, and it's home to designer David Kaihoi, his wife, and their young daughter. The colors, the wallpaper, the painted floor, the trundle bed they added for their little girl, Kaihoi's imagination and design sensibilities come together to produce make this place liveable and beautiful.

Beautiful built in shelving creates the family library and extra storage.
I have no idea how they all fit into the place, much less their stuff; but that's the point I suppose, Kaihoi has created this cozy, stunningly beautiful nest for his family to live in.

The master (and only) bedroom with the tiny trundle for their young daughter.
As small as it is, it has the elements and personality of a far larger home. I hope ya'll enjoy, just looking at the pictures makes me happy.

The panelling along the wall hides the closet, limited space requires careful wardrobe editing.
A detail of the 18th century Chinese wallpaper Kaihoi lined the bedroom walls with.
Gorgeous, modern high-gloss kitchen.
View more pictures and the interview with David Kaihoi:

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