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In a world where babies where Hunter boots and J Brands, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there are custom baby clothes! Fleming Clothing out of Raleigh allows mamas and the like to pick from a range of different styles and customize them to suit their baby's individual style (or mom's!). Fleming Samuels, the owner and designer was inspired to take up this endeavor by an unused sewing machine she found among her recently passed mother's things.

She learned to sew, and soon began using her daughter as her tiny supermodel. Fleming began to take orders from friends, and it soon became a business. It was important to Fleming and her husband to keep their business local; as a native North Carolinian, Fleming knows well the hardships the textile industry in NC has faced in recent years. It was their goal to make Fleming Clothing here as opposed to the cheaper, quicker foreign alternatives, and so they researched and sourced and made it happen. The website is fantastic; the choices are laid out for you, but it's interactive so you can actually see how the different customizations will look as a finished product.
The Annie Fleming Bloomer as designed by moi
The Maggie Reversible Overall. Adorable and easy.

The Wilson Boys' Reversible Overall.
Tres chic. The possibilities are endless. I love the fun of it, the ease of their website, and (as I've said before) the great initiative the Samuels' have shown to keep their business here in North Carolina and build this local economy-all while lookin' good. You can shop the website or get in touch for a trunk show, and I've just gotten word that you can find Fleming Clothing at NOFO at The Pig in Raleigh. More to follow soon I'm sure!!! Oooh, ooh, BTW, the website offers free shipping!!

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