And The Bride Wore McQueen

I wasn’t planning on commenting on the royal wedding, as it’s kind of white noise, but I feel compelled to now because I was so moved by Kate’s choice of Sarah Burton for her dress. I had hoped that Sarah would be Kate's choice, but was still touched and surprised that she was. Sarah Burton is the successor to the late Alexander McQueen who died tragically several months ago. His innovative and eccentric designs were so present and powerful in the fashion world, and he leaves behind big shoes to fill. Sarah Burton created a stunning yet classic dress, a couture dress for this huge occasion. It is high fashion while being mindful of the ever-present expectations of a conservative monarchy. The balance required must have been a daunting task for both designer and bride. Kate’s decision to use Sarah Burton confirms to me that this is a woman who can truly see the big picture and who truly understands fashion; it is so meaningful to the legacy and the future of the House of McQueen as well as the fashion industry in general. 

Pippa's stunning bridesmaid dress, also by Sarah Burton

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