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In a slight change of focus, I'd like to hightlight a really cool menswear operation I've recently learned of coming at us out of Atlanta. My dear and fabulous friend was recently a victim of the economy and had to re-enter the job market; she quickly (naturally-because she's amazing) found a spot interning at uber-hip menswear boutique Sid Mashburn.

I really know a lot less about menswear than I feel like I should; there are a lot of intricacies and subtleties to menswear that I find fascinating. Founded in 2007, Sid Mashburn is focused on providing an almost old-fashioned level of service and expertise; they see themselves as part style-consultant, part personal shopper. The concepts of really educating the customers and focusing on getting folks into quality, classic styles are really almost throwback policies. I feel like there should be more boutique-style stores focused on men, especially younger men, to generate the same kind of interest in style and fashion that the ladies get.

The store itself is a nod to the classic masculinity of an English gentleman's club, but with an undercurrent of hipness. They stock high-quality lines in a range of styles, I'd say that it's classic yet pushes the limits for guys that simply cannot imagine life without their Gucci loafers. (Don't laugh, some of them sincerely can't imagine.) If that guy would let Sid Mashburn work on him for a hot second, I think he'd find that he still looks perfectly preppy but more of an individual. 

Another fantastic reason to take your significant other to Sid Mashburn: my friend has informed me that the whole staff is adorable. Shoot, maybe go shop for him yourself.

Visit Sid Mashburn in Atlanta:
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318



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  1. Great post Catherine and thank you for the lovely shoutout! You've done Sid justice...and for real girls, the boys are divine. While you're at it, check out Sid's wife's store Ann Mashburn for great basics, including J. Brand, Tucker, Delman, etc. She has a great eye!



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