Painted Puppy

I have two dogs that I adore. Our family has had a couple (not including the 6 that I brought home intermittently throughout high school without asking my parents since they only lived with us for an average of 2.5 days) over the years whom we have loved very much. Both times our family dogs passed away we surprised my mother with portraits of them. Nothing over the top, just really lovely reminders of our four-legged family members.

I love pet portraits, and I think they're so challenging because it's not so much about actually replicating the pet-it's more about capturing their personality or spirit. That's what we miss and remember.

Warren the Cow. MOOOOO
One of my old friends here in Raleigh superbly does this in her work. Not only that, but her talent is sort of limitless; she can change her style and medium seemingly effortlessly. Susan Muller Chase and I were in high school together, and I very distinctly remember having an art class that overlapped with hers.

It was super embarrassing to put your work in a show or display anywhere near hers, I think she's just always had this amazing talent. Susan is still painting and drawing, in addition to working and being a mom.

2 pieces, Gaston Farm
I am in love with her pup paintings, but again, she spans a wide range with her work. She does beautiful still lifes and landscapes in addition to her other work. All are beautiful. And on top of all that, Susan is just the nicest, funniest person.

Carook's Boats
View her work and get her contact info through her Facebook page:



  1. Love these paintings!! I'm all about some fun color on the walls~

  2. Wonderful paintings...unique style



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