Let's Go To Palm Beach

As many of you in this area know, we are super lucky to have some extremely talented home decor tastemakers in close proximity-whether you are looking for deco, Euro, retro, classic, contemporary-I could go on, but my point is we have some fantastic resources for furniture and home furnishings. But, that does not stop one from e-stalking and admiring. My great friend L turned me on to Palm Beach Regency, in guess where? Florida! Their website is a pleasure to surf through. Let me pinpoint the style: if you are looking for a ceramic elephant stool, bamboo anything, and fabulous Hollywood/Regency style chairs, you want to go there. Y'all they have black panther lamps. Lamps that are black panthers. The animals. I can only imagine. (I have dreams about the pendant lights pictured above-they're sold. Whomp.) Many of their pieces are not refinished or "done", but have gorgeous bones and are ready for what could be. I believe that many of us are laquer-holics, and will see endless potential and opportunity. They've just got some gorgeous, and really unique pieces if this is your style. Thought it best if I shared with you! And please, if you need a list of fabulous furniture folks in the North Carolina area, I am happy to help! 


  1. Yes! I am dying to take a road trip and just buy buy buyyyyy! Last time I went to Palm Beach, I was too young to appreciate it. It's on next time!

  2. Can you imagine how many places like Palm Beach Regency there must be? It's an embarrassment of riches!



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