Makeup Bag Update

Every so often I update what's in my makeup bag; usually with Chanel or NARS. For New Years I ended up doing my first real Cat Eye thanks to Jessica, my favorite over at my trusty Belk's Chanel. But I somehow ended up going home with their seasonal quad "Tisse Jazz". She got me with the "I only have one left" line. I just love the blues, and I also love that she sent me home with a worksheet so I'd know what to do with it since we hadn't actually used it that day. I am also now obsessed with the Nourishing Mascara Base--put it under their regular mascara and your eyes will be poppin'. Another consistent favorite is their polish, Secret is one that we have over at Paintbar and people love it. I also got this Le Crayon Khôl pencil that she taught me to use to line the inner bottom lid-right above the lash line- to brighten my eyes up. (I feel like I could use it for a spot concealer if I had to too!) For skin, the Hydra Serum feels sooo good. It's super light and it always makes me feel like I'm giving my skin an infusion of something good. The Le Lift eye cream is something I started using when I got it as a sample, and now I'm hooked. I feel like now is the time to be proactive about eye creams right? 

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