Living Luxe

I took a brief sojourn to Furbish last weekend, because I like to torture myself obviously. These are some of my faves, although this is really just scratching the surface. The way they put everything together is just inspiring. The Furbish girls just have a way of making ordinary extraordinary. It makes you want to live in a warehouse so you could actually have room for everything they have. The fabric swatch wall alone makes you feel like you can't live without each print or pattern. Oh and OH EM GEE, when you go to their website, please watch the exploding glitter piggy. I spent about 30 minutes watching it giggling. But, I am of a simple mind....

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! I'll take it all!

  2. I need whatever that was with the zebras on it.

    1. I think it's Scalamandre...there is a wallpaper too...it's insane

  3. Thanks for all of your great features around Raleigh. Love your posts! Clair @Deskovery blog

  4. You're so lucky you can visit in person!! Obsessed with Furbish!!



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