BR X Issa

Banana Republic x Issa Wrap Kimono Dress
Banana Republic x Issa Kimono Dress
You know how a deer freezes when it get scared? That's how I'm about to make you feel if you don't already have the information I'm about to share: Banana Republic x Issa

Are you ok? 
I mean, I was skeptical, but then I realized that they are essentially using Issa's exact same shapes. It's not really dumbed down, it's just SO. MUCH. MORE. AFFORDABLE. I just ordered the kimono dress (my favorite classic Issa shape) and the wrap top, because, duh. Check out the range, they even have print scarves and clutches. Super exciting treat. Also: in other collab judging-check out the Phillip Lim for Target line here. I'd love to hear what y'all think.

Banana Republic x Issa Wrap Top
Banana Republic x Issa wrap top

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