Lela Rose | Trunk Show

Calling all shoppers with impulse control problems: the Spring '14 trunk show is happening at Vermillion. Get over there ASAP-they are packing up tomorrow, and you will really be sad :( if you miss it. Lela Rose really requires no explanation; the attention to detail, the fit, the trim-it's all superbly exquisite. And I'm really not exaggerating. My pictures can't even come close to capturing the workmanship. I won't even tell y'all what my "wish list" added up to. (It was the GDP of a small island nation.) (Seriously.) (Totally worth it.) There were a lot of highlights, see my MOST favorites at the verrrry bottom... 

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  1. Gorgeous!! I'm so jealous you got to go. I need a little teleporter to run me back and forth to Raleigh for Vermillion visits...



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