Breakfast Nooking

If you saw my recent post you'll know we've moved into a new home and I'm in the process of getting our sh*! together - and trying to do as much of the design work as I'm able on my own. So our living and breakfast rooms open into each other which I like, I'm ok with a little bit of open floor plan but I'm not about that full on open floor plan life. We've got a little separation (and we do have a separate dining room which I really wanted) but the spaces still need to have cohesion, so I'm pulling from some of the green notes in the living room into the breakfast nook. The crown jewel of this whole space is the painting by Raven Roxanne Wilson, titled "Silence After The Rain" - it's not the exact one in this image but it's similar. I felt like I won the lottery when we snagged this piece, I'd been a fan of her work for years but her Bird series spoke to me so deeply that I was moved to get aggressive about getting one. (Her releases sell out in a blink so I had to be on top of things!) It's dictating a lot of the accents etc. An amazing el cheapo find I've been using as a temporary solution for dining chairs are THESE bad boys. You will not believe what a big bang for the buck you'll get out of these, and they're super versatile. When we finally pull the trigger on these chairs I'll be keeping the folding chairs for entertaining etc. Everyone - including the hubs - loves the barstools, they're beautiful, obvi, but they're also super comfortable. The vinyl upholstery cleans off super easily. There are several color and finish combos in this chair (and they come in a dining chair height too). In other news, our couch should be here next week which I think will be life changing, and I've got some accent pillows in the works. I'll have pics once everything is perfecto-ish, I'm also planning on posting about our bedroom which I'm OBSESSED with now that it's like 85% done. As always email me with any sources questions!

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