Friday Fave!

The 31 Hour Bag, images via Barneys
Today's Friday Favorites is going to be a Friday Favorite. I am drooling over the new 31 Hour bag from Phillip Lim. I am a big bag person, as in I like really, absurdly large bags. This one is designed for people just like me. The 31 Hour bag concept is for someone who needs their bag to get them through more than just a 24-hour day. You could fit a wardrobe change AND a pair of shoes in this bad boy. Or for people who are slightly more sane (read: responsible) than I, it's got plenty of room for your iPad, planner, makeup bag, etc. It's got a great, distinctive shape, the colors are so strong (I favor the white, although I have seen some cool 2-tone versions online); I think it's the new bag to have.

Van Jean (thank you, as always,  for bringing this bag to my attention) in Columbia has the 31 Hour bag-although I imagine they're going to sell out fast. Vermillion in Raleigh is expecting theirs soon, call them to inquire. Perfect wardrobe addition for those in the new bag market. 

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