Red Alert: Spring Hath Sprungeth

girls in hammock on beach via Ali Mitton
via Ali Mitton
After what seems like months of almost being Spring, it finally feels like it's here. I love walking out in the mornings and not feeling the bitter, mood-ruining bite of cold. While basking in the relative warmth of early Spring, it suddenly dawns on me: it's almost swimsuit weather. Not only that, but just less clothes in general. So, the safety net of time that I have to "get in shape" no longer exists. Essentially. #FAIL. My plan by this stage of the game was to look like this:

Blogger Aimee Song in Marysia Swim Paddleboarding
Blogger Aimee Song in Marysia Swim

When in reality, it's more like this:

via The Telegraph
It's time to formulate the panic plan. What to do? It's a multi-level process at this point.

Sit-Ups Penguin courtesy of The Random Penguins, via I Miss You When I Blink

I have been taking Pilates at Evolve Movement here in Raleigh for several months now, which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE, and totally recommend. I had about a month-long hiatus, but I'm back full-steam now. If you are looking for something to kick-start you, try it out. It's pricey, but to me it's SO worth it if it's something you will actually go to, and it has the added benefit of helping me immensely with my self-induced stress. I'm trying to add in more cardio to double up on "the burn". (Hee.) 


It's time to suck it up and cleanse. I did a one day trial from our local juicing phenom Humdinger, and really liked it. Sure, you get hungry, but the juices all taste good. Really, they do, I promise. And some of them take a while to drink, so it is actually more satisfying than you'd think. All the folks I know who have done one of the extended cleanses have gotten good results, and felt a lot better-which is a great jumping off point for cleaning up your act. Humdinger is local here in the Raleigh area, but a lot of cities have services like this-if you can't get local there are some bigger companies that will ship to you. 

I've also started re-reading my copy of The Paleo Diet; I've sort of started and stopped with Paleo a few times, but it really does make sense. I have two cousins who are walking proof that this thing works, they're both in their mid-thirties (OMG SORRY IF YOU GUYS READ THIS) and are in better shape and have more energy than a 17 year old on the track team. It just presents you with a really clean way of eating. 

Hopefully it will all result in this:

via TheyAllHateUs

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