Birds Of A Feather

Flamingo Walking On Beach In Ocean

I'm in love with this flamingo AND it's very inspired clutch friend (pictured below). This image screams summer and beach and happiness. I looked up flamingos the other day and misread the description as "waddling bird", which totally made sense to me-then I realized it said "wading bird". This too makes sense, but made me giggle less. The clutch is a fantastically direct interpretation, even down to the sand. This bag is perfect for adding a little humor and color to an outfit. I even like it with all black in the middle of winter as a whimsical pop of cheer. The clutch is by Samundra, and it's a great buy at well under the $100 mark. 
Samundra Flamingos Clutch Feathers Sand
Samundra Flamingos Pouch

Samundra Flamingos Clutch Shopbop Flamingo Feathers
Flamingos Samundra Pouch from Shopbop

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