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What's your office like? My "day job" office isn't bad. I've graduated from cube life, and our HR person got me a nice lamp, so, all-in-all not bad. But, as you all may know, I have an alternative life as a style writer/aspiring designer and I really lust after a creative-office-work space. I think of what I would want it to be like, and obviously it should include a tan CĂ©line bag. But really, things I really like: 
1. The idea of a "pin" wall, like a reality Pinterest (which is what we all did before Pinterest)

2. I like the idea of a combined workspace. The bottom 2 photos really combine desk and workspace. You could spread out pictures, or sketches and swatches. I like to be able to step back from things to take it all in.

3. I think a fabulous chandelier is critical. It is workplace glamour.

4. Chair. I think you need a great chair, and though I'm not crazy about any of these, I think that having a unique chair is a great addition. I love lucite or maybe a really interestingly-shaped, upholstered chair?

5. A MAC. A big one. I've gone to the dark side and I'm not looking back.

Peonies and Brass
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