VanJean Summer Of Style!

I think the first thing you should know is that VanJean now has e-commerce.......

I know, take a moment and digest it; celebrate and fear it. They have a gorgeous site and a great edit of the in-store experience, literally anything you need all the way from flip flops to cocktail dresses. Now that you know this, you need to immediately join their new Pinterest contest "VanJean Summer of Style" to be entered to win a $500 gift card! #Squeals. It's so easy. Create a new Pinterest board entitled "VanJean Summer of Style" and use www.shopvanjean.com to pin your summer wardrobe inspiration! The contest runs from May 8-16, and a winner will be randomly selected on the 16th. Check out my board below for a peek at what I am coveting! Their website is updated often, so there will be plenty of "Pinspiration" (sorry). You can also follow VanJean AND Southern Arrondissement on Pinterest! Check out VJ owner Melissa Blanchard's blog Duchess of Devine for all things VanJean and Pout! 

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