Pillow Talk

I've been trying to figure out a pillow scheme for the bedroom, as in I have literally have shamless pillows on the bed for weeks. The rest of the rooms is essentially white; I did a DIY headboard with white linen and silver nailhead trim (I'll share someday), white curtains and the walls are the faintest, faintest gray. I am not really a pink person for bedrooms, so that has led me down a blue/green/black/gray path. I'm now considering that orangey-persimmoney color too! I love the idea of mixing a solid and a print or two prints in the same color family. Part of me would just stick with all-white-everything and pretend like I live in a spa. I'm also really prone to the Greek key---I already have two sets of this guy in two colors; I wish I could find it in a Kelly green. How doth one decide???

Any input from you decorator-types is much appreesh!

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