Move Over Uggs

I know these are a little on the casual side of what I tend to write about, but I love these hand sewn shoes from @mrsphicks. I love (and always will no matter what you say) my trusty Uggs, and I fondly remember the days of Wallabees; these Chukka shoes are a great update to the more casual footwear element of your wardrobe. The shoes are made-to-order and hand-sewn in a factory in Maine where they’ve been making shoes for over 40 years. All-American goodness here. These are the kind of shoes that eventually mold perfectly to your feet. @mrsphicks is an offshoot of the Pierrepont Hicks neckwear line that's pretty neato too. The line is new and really small (two styles currently, to be precise), but I believe they're expecting to release the full collection in January. I'm excited to see what else they come up with.  
Check out the line HERE
(PS I love the green inner-lining. Adorable.)



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