Gone Festing

This weekend we are heading down that gorgeous stretch of asphalt known as I-95 on our own version of "Into The Wild". Just me, two dingoes (dogs), and my slightly grumpy/groggy driver heading into the great unknown. Noo, we're really just going to a bluegrass festival. It's on a farm in a very rural part of South Carolina so it just seems a little exotic. Birdfest, as the festival is known, is celebrating its 10th year this year, and will be my second appearance as a bluegrass novice. I don't really know anything about bluegrass music, but I can tell you that some of the artists I saw last year were just mind-bogglingly good. There are toddlers, dogs, old people, RVs, Bill Murray (he lives in Charleston and likes music and partying apparently), even some fashionistas. It's good clean American fun; jean short wearin', beer drinkin' fun. I'm hoping to document some of the style and musical highlights for you! Oh, and to figure out what's up with the donkey.
Check out the festivus and join us next year!

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