Honor Thy Mother

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and got the chance to spend a little time honoring their mamas. I got to have an EXCLUSIVE brunch with my mother, sans dad and bro, at NOFO. It could not have been nicer. I would be nowhere without my mother, and one day is nowhere near enough to properly pay tribute to her. (Although, she will completely ruin this statement when she sees it by reminding me of this every time she needs to.) (You will mom.) We also got her this absolutely stunning necklace that she had been loving by Courtney Bell from Charlotte's, featuring vintage glass pearls and a reworked GORGEOUS broach. Below see my skinnyass mom behind her lumberjack breakfast. Yes, she ate the whole thing, and yes she weighs 95 pounds. Additionally see the truly tortuous display of truffles that NOFO has conveniently stationed next to the door. 

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