The Great Bandini

Whilest I don't usually talk about "under" stuff, I wanted to share a really useful product I picked up and have been pretty much living in of late: The Bandini from Barely There. This is not a complex thing, it's a really easy solution to a lot of "wardrobe malfunction" type problems. Wire-free, super comfy, but the best part is that you can really manipulate it to go under anything. Strapless, one strap, two straps-all in one. The other VERY IMPORTANT thing I'd like to highlight from a style standpoint is that the Bandini can serve as a exposed bandeau or cami. I have a few things that dip too low in the front or on the sides to really wear comfortably (non-aggressively), but if you put say, a hot pink bandeau under it you pull the look together and keep yourself crowd-appropriate. Getchu one.

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