Birchbox: Know It, Love It

I am, in NO way, a product or beauty guru. I am into things that make me look better, but it's definitely not my main obsession (which is clothes, obviously). However, after finding Birchbox I may end up becoming a product junkie. Every month they send a pretty little box stuffed with generous samples of, like, everything, beauty related. My September box had Bascia face cream, one of those hair ties everyone has been crazy about (I wore it last night, they actually are pretty cool), face cleanser, a perfume sample, a toiletries travel bag, a Madewell coupon; you get my drift. It's like getting a present. Just a little something to brighten your day. It's perfect for people like me that don't want to seek out products, and then, when I find one I like, I can just pop on to the Birchbox website and order. They've got a gabillion (it's a word) other beauty products as well. On the other hand, it's great for people who ARE obsessed with products, you always get to try something new. 

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