Oscar Meh

Real Life Is Elsewhere
Can I be frank? Let's be frank. I was underwhelmed by most things Oscar. I didn't know that cocaine jokes were en vogue on a live prime-time broadcast these days. I sound old and grouchy, but seriously. The stage was beautiful, what with the twinkly lights and such. Good GOD Adele was amazing. I was glad for J Law, and loved that she fell up the stairs; let's face it, I would have. Daniel Day Lewis is EVERYTHING, and was amazing in his navy tux jacket with his lovely wife Rebecca Miller (who, as I understand it, is Arthur Miller's daughter-you're welcome when you win trivia). Sally Field was stunning in red as she has been all awards season. But literally, I can't think of anyone that knocked the red carpet out of the park. Oh, and of course, Kristen Stewart couldn't be bothered with a shower or giving a you-know-what. BUT, the "red carpet" of the Vanity Fair party (for which many stars change dresses for round two), pulled the ship around a bit. My favorite look was Leslie Mann's red Andrew Gn. Drop dead color, simple and sexy shape, and the perfect balance of detail. Secondly, Jennifer Lawrence changed into a sick, age-appropriate, and fun Calvin Klein. She shimmered. There were a few others, but I was mostly unmoved. (Oh...and just because, you know, Bradley Cooper...sigh.)

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