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Holy cow. I cannot believe we are standing on the very edge of the holiday season again. Wasn't it 80 degrees a week ago? Despite the fact that it inevitably means cold weather, I look forward to the holidays; I love the bustle and cheer. I don't know about you, but it's probably my most social time of year. Everyone is constantly celebrating. The usual excuses to back out of plans or parties do not cut it, cocktails are served at all hours: holiday breakfast=Bloody Marys and Poinsettias, holiday lunch=mimosas, holiday cocktail hour=eggnog/toddys/red wine. Lord help you if you make it to a holiday dinner. AND, despite the fact that most of us kick into high-gear socially, we all feel intense pressure to nail our holiday shopping. From sending out your Christmas cards to finding the perfect present for your great uncle, it is a total cluster. I mean, a wonderful one, but still. I'm always baffled by the people that are like, "oh I just finished my shopping" on August 1st. Like...what? Who are you? My brain doesn't operate that way. I am inevitably the person who holds up the poor girl working at Boutique Whatever trying to get home on Christmas Eve at 2 PM. I am attempting to do better this year, I am proud to say that I have already purchased two gifts thus far. *Victory dance.* Here on the blog I'll also be keeping a running Holiday Gift Guide with plenty of ideas for all things gift. There's a button right over there >>>>>>> somewhere that says Holiday Gift Guide. Click there for easy access. The Gift Guide will be updated throughout the holidays so check back often. I'll also being doing some local gift guide features, so be on the lookout!  

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