Shop Local Gift Guide: Vixen Goods

As you may have guessed, I'm a fan of antlers. Um. And puppies. And pillows! I am excited to share with you Vixen Goods, this adorable custom appliqué pillow line from right down the road in Winston Salem. These hand-crafted cotton pillows are painstakingly cut and sewn by the designer, Cara, and come in an absolute plethora of sizes, colors and subjects. For those of you (who me?) that have a disturbing tendency to incorporate animals into anything, you're going to freak out. There is a pillow for what seems like every dog breed, and you can customize the colors and size to perfectly match your room. In addition to the antlers and puppies, Vixen Goods' pillows feature everything from Greek Key designs to bears, foxes, elephants (squee) and even chic black and white horses. There's a pillow for everything from your living room to your little one's nursery. There's also a holiday range, which I think are a sophisticated way to add some holiday cheer to your home! (Bye needlepoint pillows.) (JK.) (Sort of.) They make for wonderfully stylish holiday gifts. Check out their website here and dress up your home for the holidays!     

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