Humdinger Of A Holiday Season

Alright peoples. You know it’s the holiday season. You know that the next, essentially, eight weeks of holiday cheer are going to be marred with a debaucherous cycle of binge eat-/drink-/shopping followed by deep regret, then desperate self-reassurance that, come January 2nd, you’ll sort yourself out. Right? Don’t shake your head “no”. Fibber. This year, for once, I am attempting to proactively break this cycle before it gets started; this holiday season, I will be attempting a cleanse. (Pause for dramatic effect.) For this endeavor, I am teaming up with local fave Humdinger Juice. If you’re not familiar, this family-owned biz is Raleigh’s cold-pressed organic juice and cleanse OG. Next week I will be undertaking a 3-day starter cleanse, which will consist of 6 juices a day and a lot of prayers and possibly crying. I’ll be checking in to let you guys know all about my emotions. I’m a tiny bit nervous, but excited about the prospect of heading into the holidays lighter mentally (ha) and physically. My cleanse guru and Humdinger owner Colin assures me that I can see some really great results, even after 3 days, if I can stick with it (AND ELIMINATE WINE) (WTF).

And, as Humdinger so accurately declares (in the illustrious words of Chicago) “Everybody needs a little time away…even lovers need a holiday”. Here’s to giving my bod a little holiday before the holidays.


  1. The Humdinger video makes me so happy. And so do their juices!

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