Down Home Texas

This ├╝ber-cool San Antonio home of decorator Gwenn Griffith comes straight from one of my favorite design mags, Elle Decor. While this home may be a little dark when taken as a whole for my tastes, there are a few elements I just think are amazing. The home is a former industrial space the designer has transformed over several years. My first obsession is this romantic almost Gothic zinc bathtub with the dramatic chandelier hovering above it. What an amazing place to relax.

This room is another example of an interesting use of scale; the dozens of paintings on the wall are in great contrast to the floor-to-ceiling windows and huge ceiling orbs (???) (And does anyone else think that the 3-legged side table is the same one they payed a fortune for on Million Dollar Decorator?)

And finally, this screened in porch is so Southern, but so modern. It's chic but cozy. I imagine it's a great respite from the 175 degree Texas heat!

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