Balboa/Jane Pope Studio Opening

So I recently had the pleasure of making an emergency party pit-stop in good old Spartanburg, SC for the opening of the brand new Balboa/Jane Pope Jewelry studio. Jane's new space is gorgeous-I have to tell y'all, my favorite piece is the console pictured above, done in the palest whisper of a pink lacquer. It's gorgeous, and only enhances the jewels it is displaying. And in an amazing twist, Jane got the piece from Stuff Vintage, another furniture "renovator" I stalk on the Facebook, be sure to check her out. I fawned over everything, and made an extensive wish list which includes at least one of her tiny skull rings with as many diamond bands as possible stacked around it. See below por exemplo

It was a fab party, lots of stylish people, excellent cocktails (they even had the good crunchy ice), and insane jewels. Plan to pop in next time you are in or even remotely near Spartanburg. If you can't get there, the website is the next best thing!

 And these, friends, are the ladies of novel. showroom in Charleston. From the left: Liza Cleveland of Bon Vivant, Lauren Lail of Library, Jane Pope Cooper, and Way Way Allen of Blue Chickadee. Look for them to make an appearance in Raleigh soon! (Yay!)

Jane with her adorable staff, and I just need to share-the girl on the far right-that is A ROMPER. I died. It was probably one of the most fabulous things I've seen in a while. 

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