If The Shoe Fits

This little DVF number is one of my latest scores from The Outnet; I favor sack-shaped dresses and this one is perfection. But that is not what we're here to talk about today. What I want to share is the quest I went on to re-create the shoe look as pictured above. So I couldn't 100% identify the ones they paired with my dress, but they're awfully similar to these great Alice + Olivia pumps (as seen below). The "Dina" is a gorgeous, classic shoe that, at $295, isn't outrageously expensive but still isn't in my wheelhouse at the moment. SO. I set off on one of my interweb quests to find a suitable replacement at an attainable price. This story obviously has a happy ending, so I'll spare you the unpleasant details but I managed to find a really amazing stand-in from (*deep breaths*) Jessica Simpson. Seriously. I know you're probably skeptical. I was too, but they really are good and a great value. I was going to include a selfie as proof but the cropping action was a disaster. If I can work it out I'll add it later. Shop the shoes here or here; they're even on sale. I got them in black and in red and am very pleased with myself. Check out the JS (I feel better abbreviating) Laurin wedge too, I may pick that up for a good summer wedge.

Alice + Olivia Dina in Red Suede
Alice + Olivia Dina Pump in Black Suede

Jessica Simpson Claudette Pump in Black Suede

Jessica Simpson Claudette Pump in Black Suede

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