Vintage At Charlotte's

Hermès H Bracelet + Michael Kors Gold Watch
Already a mainstay for all of your jewelry and accessory needs, Charlotte's is now expanding its collection of luxury vintage......which is a major development for my shopping problem. Timeless Hermès belts and bracelets along with mint Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags and travel pieces are available now! Every piece is in exquisite condition, some even look brand new. The thing that I love about classic vintage pieces is that they are really legacy pieces. You will always recognize the iconic LV, the interlocking Cs, the quilting. They can be handed down through generations. They have set a brand standard that is so high that vintage is sometimes coveted more than brand new. That's why the investment is worth it. The pieces stand up in any decade, and never look dated. They are begging to be styled for today. Below are just a few of the vintage pieces (along with some great styling ideas) that are in store right now, with many more to come. If you are on the hunt for a specific piece or want to hold anything contact either Charlotte's location.

Hermès Bracelet Paired With Chanel Via
Hermes Black H Logo Belt | Southern Arrondissement
Hermès H Belt Available Now At Charlotte's
Hermès Belt
Chanel Bag Available Now At Charlotte's
Louis Vuitton Keepalls

Louis Vuitton Keepall Available Now At Charlotte's
via Atlantic Pacific
Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy Available Now At Charlotte's

Louis Vuitton Available Now At Charlotte's

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