Sand(als) Between Your Toes

Love the orange, yes, the beer boxes are part of their display
I am so excited about this discovery-in all honesty, made by my mother and her friends-in one of my favorite places, Key West. This past week while I was sitting here, cold and pale, my parents were sipping frozen drinks poolside in balmy Key West. BUT, at least my mother had the motivation to get out and do some shopping, and stumbled upon Kino Sandals. Kino's are an almost 50 year old family business, founded by Cuban immigrants who had left behind a shoe-making business. All of the sandals are handmade, in house at their shop on Fitzpatrick Street. They're basic but so comfortable, and come tons of colors and styles. I got tan, but after much debate am having them send me the orange as well. And get this, they're $13. If you can't make it to Key West, you can also purchase them online. Although, it seems like a trip to Key West would be more appropriate. 


  1. Love these! My grandmother used to wear them!

    1. I love that! I am wearing mine today, on this 80 degree February day!!!



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