Vintage Gucci Glam

Vintage Gucci. In love. 
I'm dying over these vintage Gucci sunglasses. They remind me of the jet-set/Euro/Hollywood glam of the 70s. I should definitely be strolling around Italy in these. I feel like everything would appear honey-colored through these lenses. The shapes and styles of the 70s/early-80s-ish sunglasses are appealing to me. I still think the original Wayfarers and aviators from Ray-Ban are pretty much the gold standard in eye-protection gear. These are some other fun looks I found. I love the thought that maybe all of the many sunglasses I have lost over the years were found by someone loving and fashionable, and that someday they will be vintage sunglasses. 

Vintage Persol Ratti
Vintage Dior. Insane
Vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarers. As seen on JFK, the classic. 



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